Catholic Theology at Trier University

Why there is more than the world!

Our current age is largely characterized by a naturalistic world view and a new belief in progress. In contrast to this, through studying Catholic theology, we want to make clear that every human being is driven by an ultimate concern and that Christian faith is far from being out of date. Even today this faith is still able to provide crucial answers to the fundamental questions of humanity.

About our Course of Studies

The Catholic theology programmes are mainly aimed at students who intend to enter priesthood or who would like to work as pastoral assistants later on. Additionally, Catholic theology can be chosen within the context of teacher training (German Gymnasium or Realschule plus) to teach it as a subject at school (in combination with a second school subject) or it can be chosen as a minor course combined with a major course from other faculties at Trier University.

About our Research

The subjects offered within Catholic theology cover a wide and fascinating range. Apart from philosophy they comprise biblical, systematic, historical and practical subjects. Our 15 professorial chairs guarantee excellent student training and guidance.